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1. Add Role from Server Manager 2. Role-based or feature-based installation 3. Select a server from the server pool 4. Select Active Directory Domain Services and DNS Server. 5. Once installed, from Notifications Menu, select Promote this server to a domain controller 6. Add a new Forest 7. Write a password 8. Next 9. Check […]
If you’re developing some HTML code that it can be accessed by thousands of people at the same time, if you use images like this: <img alt="" src="http://myimage" /> You could trigger a huge load to your server, because every request of every image goes to your server. Instead of that you could embed the […]
Error Error occurred in deployment step 'Add Solution': An object in the SharePoint administrative framework, "SPSolutionLanguagePack Name=0 Parent=SPSolution Name=XXXXXXXXXX.wsp", depends on other objects which do not exist. Ensure that all of the objects dependencies are created and retry this operation. Solution 1. Go to Services and Stop SharePoint Timer Service 2. Open C:ProgramDataMicrosoftSharePointConfig(GUID folder). 3. […]
This script works doing a PING request and obtaining its resultant IP. Feel free to change it and modify it as you need. First part does the PING request, second part changes the Host File and the third part opens the hosts file. Explanation of the secon part: 1. Save the Hosts File text in […]
I’ve never found on my Visual Studio an option to directly add a new WebService file so I looked for a solution and I got this one, I hope it’ll help you: 1. From anywhere in your Solution Explorer (where you want to add the WebService), create a “New Item”. 2. In the “New Item” […]
You can add new div inside your web page by jquery always you want. You’ve to add the following code in your javascript function: $("#myExistentDiv").append("<div id='MyNewDiv'>This is my dynamic DIV</div>"); In this case, you’re adding the div “MyNewDiv” inside your div with ID “myExistentDiv”, just at the end of it. You can read more in […]
Tenemos nuestro código en VBA listo para ejecutarse, con variables, condiciones, bucles… Puede que depurando nos baste, pero en ocasiones podemos necesitar escribir en un fichero externo que al ejecutarse nos pueda dar en un solo lugar toda la información que queramos. En primer lugar, creamos una función que se encargue de comprobar si un […]