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Versioning Settings Create a version each time you edit a file in this document library? <List [...] VersioningEnabled="TRUE" EnableMinorVersions="FALSE"  >[...]</List> Advanced Settings Allow management of content types? <List [...] EnableContentTypes="TRUE" >[...]</List> Default open behavior for browser-enabled documents <List [...] DefaultItemOpen="PreferClient" >[...]</List> <List [...] DefaultItemOpen="Browser" >[...]</List> Dialogs (Launch forms in a dialog) <List [...] NavigateForFormsPages="FALSE" >[...]</List> Validation Settings Set […]
In order to disable the ENTER key in your textbox type input, you have to add the ‘onkeydown’ attribute and call a javascript function that checks the key and avoid to submit the form when you press ENTER key. Input example <input name="myName" type="text" value="Search" onclick="eraseInitialText(this);" onkeydown="disableEnter();"> Javascript function function disableEnter() { var key = […]
If you go to the Term Store Management you can add new term sets in the taxonomy term store whenever you want. However, maybe you want to allow users to create new term sets, so you’ve to do this: 1. Go to the Term Store Management. 2. Select the Term Set that you want. 3. […]