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El método correcto de borrar DLLs de la GAC es el siguiente: 1. Abrimos la consola de Visual Studio (Developer Command Prompt for VS2013 en el caso de Visual Studio 2013). 2. Navegamos hasta el directorio donde están nuestras DLL (cd C:WindowsMicrosoft .NETassemblyGAC_MSIL). 3. Ejecutamos el siguiente comando: gacutil -u NOMBRE_DE_MI_DLL Ejemplo (Borrar la DLL […]
My case: It’s a standard register form created in a SharePoint WebPart (but this error could happen even if you’re not using SharePoint). When I submit the form, sometimes I loose the information of DropDowns (but not the information of textboxes) and it seems to happen randomly. I checked the packages sent with Wireshark and […]
I’ve found an interesting link about how to retrieve some properties of user profiles in SharePoint 2013 by using its client object model, like this: const string serverUrl = "http://serverName/"; const string targetUser = "domainName\userName"; ClientContext clientContext = new ClientContext(serverUrl); PeopleManager peopleManager = new PeopleManager(clientContext); string[] profilePropertyNames = new string[] { "PreferredName", "Department", "Title" }; […]